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An Olympic weightlifting program is a training routine designed to improve the one rep max in the two competition lifts: the snatch and the clean & jerk.

In order to accomplish this, a few key variables are manipulated: exercise selection, training frequency, training intensity, and training volume.


What exercises are commonly included in an Olympic weightlifting program?

While there are only two competition lifts in Olympic weightlifting, a wide variety of exercises are utilized to help achieve the best training result.

Variations of the snatch and clean & jerk are frequently used to help train specific portions of the movement pattern. These can include the snatch from hip, snatch from knee, power snatch, power clean, clean & jerk from hip, clean & jerk from knee, cleans, and so on.

In addition to competition lift variations, front squats, back squats, push presses, overhead presses, Romanian deadlifts, and back extensions are also programmed to help strengthen key muscle groups.

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