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CrossFit workouts are challenging but worth the effort. And your effort is measurable and you’re going to share your results with visible scores on the whiteboard. This fosters accountability and courage. And because CrossFit workouts can be scaled for anyone — meaning we adjust our workouts by degree, not kind — everyone knows the challenge you’ve faced and you're respected and welcomed for your effort no matter who you are or where you land on the whiteboard. These are key ingredients that build genuine camaraderie.                                                                                                                                                                                          

The CrossFit program drives unparalleled results. This means CrossFit actually makes people fit, and we make them fitter faster and more safely than any program out there. Our results are universal, predictable, and repeatable. Our methodology works for everyone, can be scaled for anyone, and continues to work long term. It’s not magic, it’s just what happens when you put in the work — results follow. And once you get a taste, you want more of it. It’s how we revolutionized an industry, and changed millions of lives — and will change many more

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