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"I've never worked out before and Crossfit looks too intense!"

"I 'm new to Crossfit and I don't know where to start"

"Do I gonna get bulk ,I wanna look feminine"

These questions are the ones that we hear the most. let's go ahead and get these out of the way. Here ,we offer you a variety of classes and sessions that designed to meet and match with your fitness goals. Give yourself a try and find out why Crossfit is Perfect for everyone.

The beauty of Crossfit is that "everyone can do it".  You can start with basic movements and progress upwards as your fitness increases.So,whether you are first-timer or a strong athlete ,you will a great workout while you are here.


Each session will involve a thorough warm-up, explanation and demonstration .Check out the classes and GET STARTED! 


Functional training at high intensity.

Training includes weightlifting ,gymnastic ,cardio and mobility exercises combined in ways to maximize overall performance.


"X" is an eXpress way to get hot&seXy body !!


If your motivation is to Lose weight, become leaner ,look better and getting Fitter >> This class will help you on mission.  

This class is designed to serve city people in rush hour "45mins Shorter time but maXimum burn!"

CrossfitX specifically focuses on intense Cardio exercise less on strength which proven to be an effective way to shed fat and keep your muscle lean.

Strength training will be also combined in the WOD though the variety of exercise (such as Bodyweight+squat+deadlift+running etc..)  

This is the class that will totally kick your butt, just come TRY! 


The class will focus and combines with all these 3 fundamental : Flexibility / Static / Dynamic.

The class will start with Mobility+Flexibility warm-up to increase your ROM(Range of motion), then we will focus on endurance work before ended up with Dynamic movements to improve you strength.


This is a higher level class of fitness (sport). This class will be coached by Thai Olympic weightlifter who has experiences in competing and coaching in many years .

Skills and experiences required : 1-2 years of weight training which be able to perform all fundamental movements such as squat, deadlift,shoulder press ...


This is the most exclusive type of training here.It is 1 on 1 intensive and the program is tailored to serve only you . Personal training with our coaches will support you towards whatever fitness and health goals you may have. A specific program that designed for just only you wether you focus on losing weight ,the foundation of movement , Gymnastic ,Olympic weightlifting , re-habitation exercise etc..  ,  It can be sport specific , performance maximization ,aesthetic , or health concerned.

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